National Poetry Month Spotlight: George Moses Horton

For national poetry month I’ve decided to feature a different poet every week. It is only right to kick it off with one of my favorites, George Moses Horton (1797-1884). Today’s poem is entitled: “On Liberty and Slavery”

Alas! and am I born for this,
   To wear this slavish chain?
Deprived of all created bliss,
   Through hardship, toil and pain!

How long have I in bondage lain,
   And languished to be free!
Alas! and must I still complain—
   Deprived of liberty.
Oh, Heaven! and is there no relief
   This side the silent grave—
To soothe the pain—to quell the grief
   And anguish of a slave?

Come Liberty, thou cheerful sound,
   Roll through my ravished ears!
Come, let my grief in joys be drowned,
   And drive away my fears.
Say unto foul oppression, Cease:
   Ye tyrants rage no more,
And let the joyful trump of peace,
   Now bid the vassal soar.

Soar on the pinions of that dove
   Which long has cooed for thee,
And breathed her notes from Afric’s grove,
   The sound of Liberty.
Oh, Liberty! thou golden prize,
   So often sought by blood—
We crave thy sacred sun to rise,
   The gift of nature’s God!

Bid Slavery hide her haggard face,
   And barbarism fly:
I scorn to see the sad disgrace
   In which enslaved I lie.
Dear Liberty! upon thy breast,
   I languish to respire;
And like the Swan unto her nest,
   I’d like to thy smiles retire.

Oh, blest asylum—heavenly balm!
   Unto thy boughs I flee—
And in thy shades the storm shall calm,
   With songs of Liberty!

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He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)

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"coach, this mixtape is just soooo good *starts crying*" .. "i already know. that dave guy knows what he’s doing" || new mixtape sunday #Feelingz


"coach, this mixtape is just soooo good *starts crying*" .. "i already know. that dave guy knows what he’s doing" || new mixtape sunday #Feelingz

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another day, another dollar? no.
another day, another problem. yo
i’m tired of living life just like a bum
i beg for change but will it ever come?
everyday i’m living on the run
being chased by things i can’t escape
everyday i wanna get away
so don’t be surprised when i say i’m

"riding with the boys and girls and we’re high
all we want to do is have a good time
young wild and reckless is how we live life
pray that we make it to 21…”

i’m 23 now
look at me now
finally figured out who i really wanna be now
tryna make it hard for all your favorite stars to breathe now
tryna shine so i’m the only thing that you can see now
i see how some people let life get them down
pool full of problems, it’s hard not to drown
just keep on swimming, one day you’ll be winning
just listen, the king isn’t born with a crown
it takes time
free your mind
you’d be surprised at the things you will find
who’s world is this? homie, it’s mine
it’s mine, it’s mine

in due time…

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The National Beer of Texas. @LonestarBeer

The National Beer of Texas. @LonestarBeer

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